What is MoksaVideo?


MoksaVideo is the name of our company specialized in various video services. It has been a while that we had a desire to make films, but we always found excuses why not to do it, or got too many other responsibilities to take care of. The year 2020 started with Covid that fundamentally changed the daily routines of our lives. What can you do in a tough situation like this? We got sick of being quarantined all the time, so we created MoksaVideo!



Outstanding quality, precise setup, comfortable interview, passionate workflow, extreme drone hunting.
Thanks for the experience!

Dávid Németh - Balaton Sailing

Who we are?

Füzesi Zoltán

Company owner & Licensed photographer

I consider myself as somebody who continuously admires the beauty of life that is partially a side effect of my photographer career and probably borned with me as well, however it gives me sufficient motivation to have an urge to show it to the world and to the upcoming generation in a proper way.


As a software engineer I had always been interested in resolving logical problems, building a working system from scratch and make it alive, but all these requires a lot of lonely hours of sitting in front of my computer. I did not want to become that typical nerd type of guy (or am I? :))) so I decided to enhance my other passion, photography more seriously, to the level of a business that I can live from. This is how I first created MoksaPhoto in 2007, and could merge my office work with social activities, contacting and interacting with people in a creative form.


Videography and cinematography was always in my interest, but I did not have the resources to get hooked up with it. I always had some excuses why I should not do it, but in this year, when I am writing these lines, the ice got broken.
2020 is probably a memorable year for everyone, but unfortunately not from the good side. Because of the restrictions, I could not work for a while as a full time photographer, many of the scheduled wedding sessions, events had been cancelled or postponed. I was thinking a lot how could I help myself out from this tough situation, and go ahead of things, then I found my friend Viktor who worked at that time as a tour guide and also had fought with difficulties. Since both of us had a lot of extra time, and were very excited about it we decided to do videography together as a profession.
I would like to say thank you for FOTOArt and István Bán, a film director and professional script writer who inspired me a lot and supported me to learn the basics! This was also super helpful for me to start develop myself to this direction.


We continuously educate ourselves, enhance our gear to create the best possible products. Nothing is impossible for us and we are eager to start your project! :)

Knecht Viktor

Cameraman & Video editor

Funny, laid back, life-artist, creative and mildly crazy. These are the words that are mostly used to describe me and to be honest I don’t mind it at all. Everybody can be average these days so I chose not to be.


Originally I finished my studies at the University of Szeged. I got my Bachelor degree in Communication and Media studies, [e-journalism to be more specific] by making a film about Danish Neo-Punk pirates (yes...you have read it correctly) Since that, I have been working as a jewelry specialist on a Cruise ship, a riding instructor in Spain and a Snowmobile expedition leader in Northern Norway, where I took the people King-Crab fishing. Aside from all that I even developed and published a Board Game with my friends and the list goes on and on. (yes you have also read this correctly). Hopefully it is clear now, that the word “impossible” is non existent and the word “avarage” is unkown for me. However you don’t want to hear them either when it comes to your project... right?!


As time passed by I became more interested in the role that took place behind the camera, where I can be more of a narrator instead of the adventurer main hero. So there is a vacancy for the role which needs filling. Are you ready for that role? Are you prepared to take your project to the next level?


For me the creation of every film is more like a ritual. It is a creation of a new art. A tale of a new adventure. A story which takes the audience on a new adventure every time. I imagine many things I create a concept, a frame for the story. After that I do my best to pull over my imaginations to the realm of reality. During this whole process I will hold your hand and help you through it, so that you and your project can get the most out of you. I want you to feel pride and happiness every time you are going to watch your video or show it to your customers/friends.


So...are you ready? What will be YOUR adventure?



Promotional videos, wedding and other event videos, Company introductions, real-estate showcase videos, interviews

Package offers for company promotional videos
  Starter Premier Overlord
Duration 30 seconds* 1-2 minutes about 20 minutes
Joint consulting and script writing Yes Yes Yes
Licensed music Yes Yes Yes
Number of additional re-editing included if needed 1 2 5
Description With this package you can have a short but high quality video film that you can use even for Google Business. You determine how your future partners will recognize you at Google and Google Maps! Draw the attention of your customers and stand out from the crowd with your speciality. Do not underestimate the power of Google! You will experience the benefits even at short period of time.

*The sctrict parameters are not determined by us, but Google. We will give you a 1080p version that you can share on Facebook.
No limitation in time nor quality. It is recommended to use this as an introductory video for your business on your wesbite. We also offer this package if there is an event (such as sport event, short interview) to record. We offer this product to those companies who have multiple departments and/or there is a larger event that might last more than a day and periodically reocurring. The keyword is continuity.
For example, you have both a hotel and a restaurant. You can save a lot with this combined package since every department will have aseparate video.

**Since your project will consist of multiple videos, if there is a need, we can provide 4K footage, but sometimes it is enough to keep it just 1080p and not higher. Of course we will discuss about all these details.
Package offers for other events, real estate videos
  Real estate videos Cupido package Custom package
Duration 2-3 minutes 5-10 minutes Custom
Joint consulting and script writing Yes Yes Yes
Licensed music Yes Yes Yes
Number of additional re-editing included if needed 1 2 5
Description It is really hard to sell a real estate if you do not have good photos of it. Now imagine that you can show a breathtaking movie about your precious real estate to impress your customers! Nothings shows it better that you are a reliable and motivated seller with good attention to details because you want to show the object in its best shape. While the film cost only a franction of the price of the real estate, it multiplies your chances of selling and gives you additional value. This is a one time investment that quickly returns its value. We can create this even in 4K qualilty, and with licensed music. You will own a really high quality film.

If you have multiple objects, some discount may be applied!
Do you want to record the big event of your life? We will come with you! Even if it is a wedding or annyversary. If you do not want to worry if the recording will be okay, nad have properly captured memories? We will help to ease up this pressure. We know that you have to concentrate a million other things on that day. Discretely but professionally we could be a part of those moments from the other side of the camera. Are you thinking about something completely different? Are you going to the jungle expedition or a trip to outer space? We are going with you!

Share your ideas with us, no matter how crazy or special they are! We are also like that so we are sure we will find a way to cooperate!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note, that cameras are only tools just like cooking pans and knives in a kitchen but the ones that are standing behind them are the chefs. It is possible to make great videos with simple cameras, even a mobile phone is capable of making amazing footage these days. It goes without saying, that the better gear you have, the easier it is to make a great end product. We use professional Canon, Panasonic and DJI products as our tools. Aside from them we possess many gadgets that help our work (lights, tripods, stands, microphones, etc. etc.)

Of course! We go where is work to be done. Zoltán speaks fluent English and has basic understanding of Spanish and German language. Viktor speaks both English and German fluently and can communicate in Norwegian as well. The transparent and direct communication is there from the start, so you can wholeheartedly recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. We can even conduct events where we have to give advise and lead people with mixed languages. Commuting does not pose any problems, since we have a car and we gladly use it.

This is determined by to project itself. A short 30 second intro can be done most probably with one session. A bigger and more complex project can have two-three sessions. (depending on the weather, appointments, availability etc. etc.). It is just natural that we also try to minimize the number of sessions, since we want to work efficiently and be able to do more projects. The short answer is: we cannot give you an exact answer. However we will always consult with you and there we can already see all the details of the project.

Naturally! All are works are done legally in correlation with the Hungarian laws. As long as your company structure allows it, you can account our services as expanses.

Film making is a complex and expensive business. A project can take considerable amount of time before it is finished. There are just simply too many variables outside of our control. Maybe we are waiting for the perfect weather or for a certain event. Only after the footage is recorded, can we begin with actually editing and putting the film together. In the meantime we have many costs to cover like gasoline costs for commuting, license fees etc. etc. Rest assured, we are always giving you a legally proof-worthy receipt.

Maybe it is surprising, but most companies NEVER gives the raw footage to the clients. This is a well known practice among photographers and film makers. The most simple reason for this is, that the raw footage that clients get is truly “raw” and many people are put off by its actual quality. For most people it is an unusable amount of massive data. Imagine, the baker would give you a pound of wheat and some salted water instead of a loaf of bread. There is immense work done in the editing process. Color-grading, sound effects, selecting clips and fine-tuning the whole film. Only the 10% of the raw footage is actually used in the final product and the rest is deleted.

However if you wish to have the raw footage, we can give it to you for a fee which is listed above.

We are very happy with your decision and the trust and faith you are willing to put in us! If you already know which package suits you exactly, simply choose that one. If you are not sure, just choose one which you think is closest to your needs. Whatever the case, we will always contact you personally and fine tune your needs. After we mutually agreed on your package, we will make a personal appointment where we will discuss the script and envision the whole project together. This is also where we write the official contract and ask for the 50% advance.

No. But that does not mean that it is not good to have one. Like everything else, this profession can also be self taught with enough time, patience and self discipline. If you are willing to learn and put the time (years) into it, it is guaranteed, that you can make good films without any school.

Zoltán dedicated the last 14 years of his life to be a photographer, hence he gathered lot of experience and learned how to see through a “cinematographer’s eye”.

Viktor has learned this profession and has years of experience and a university degree in Comunication and Media sciences. He worked as a journalist, editor and cameraman. He can not only see good footage opportunities, but he can also help YOU personally appear much more credible and professional, when it comes to your video.

If you have a very specific request and it is very important for you, it can be done. However you must know that every music has a hefty license fee. There are two possible ways to make this happen:

  • The edited video cannot be published anywhere and it is only for your own personal use.
  • You are handling the fees, licenses and bureaucratic work associated with this. (This is neither cheap or fast)

The music that we use are already payed and accounted for by our company. We usually recommend not using different music. Out of our experience it is usually “not worth all the trouble” to use a popular well known hit. You should know, that if you wish to share your video, all the major video-streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo etc. etc. are punishing the unlicensed use of music. If you still wish to use a specific music despite our warnings, we are willing to do it, but you have to inform us at the very beginning.

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